We believe our little ones make a big difference in our everyday life. That’s why they deserve beautiful things. We are proud to present our star product – an exclusive starting kit with a unique combination of luxury and functionality. For the first time you get three different functions in one; footmuff, babynest and a cover for babycarriers.

In case you have been looking for a footmuff with that ‘little extra’, you can stop looking now. Bjällra’s footmuff with a detachable fur collar is available in four colours; black, grey, beige and pink. The footmuff comes with a special head protection constructed to give your baby extra support and neck stability. In addition, the mattress has holes designed for a buckle.

Modern parents know better, babies need a babynest in order to sleep safely between the parents. Place the nest in the bed between you both. With the baby securely placed in the nest, you can assure a safe and blissful night’s sleep for you and your baby.

The nest can preferably also be placed in a crib and is easy to bring along with you when travelling. The nest’s detachable cover and waterproof bottom make it really simple to wash.

Cover for baby carrier
The top of the footmuff can also be used as a cover for the baby carrier. It will keep your baby warm and dry in cold weather at the same time as it increases the comfort level of the carrier in general. The cover is versatile and fits different kinds of baby carriers.

Alongside the cover comes a detachable hood as protection for your baby’s head. The hood is easy to remove and put back on by using the buttons.

Moreover, the cover is attached to the baby carrier through two clips. You’ll find a drawstring at the bottom of the cover, which is used to tighten the cover in order for it to better shape around the baby’s